Monday, 23 April 2012

Case Study - UEMLAND

1. Trendline: breakdown descending triangle (bearish)
2. candle stick: hammer, potential bullish reversal (bullish)
3. BB: candle beyond lower band, potential pullback (bullish)
4. volume: Decreasing, indicator supply start drying up (bullish)
5. ADX: downtrend with moderate momentum (bearish)
6. MACD: below 0 (bearish)
7. RSI: below 30% (bearish)
8. Sto: below 20% (bearish)
9. volume distribution: high selling pressure (bearish)

conlcusion: 6 bear 3 bull

position : short

Comments: let see if she able to hold ~ 1.96 and start to formed a bullish reversal pattern for technical rebounce play

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