Saturday, 22 October 2011

Case Study - Altera

1. Trendline: higher high / higher low - uptrend (Bullish)
2. Bollinger Band: Expanding (Bullish)
3. Candle Stick: Long white body (Bullish)
4. ADX: Bullish crossover (Bullish)
5. MACD: 4R1G (Bullish)
6. RSI: Break 70% (Bullish)
7. Stochastic: Break 80% (Bullish), pending bullish crossover for another bullish confirmation.

Conclusion : 7 Bull 0 Bear

Conservative Trader
Entry Price: 38.95
Profit Taking: 41.91
Cut Loss : 38.91

Aggresive Trader
Entry Price: 37.73
Profit Taking: 38.91, 41.91
Cut Loss: 37.69

Case Study - FBMKLCI

FBM KLCI Weekly Chart
KLCI retrace when hitting resistance at 1468 and form a hannging man with a long tail. One more candle stick is needed for bearish reversal confirmation. Simple rules could be apply as below to determine the trend for next week based on Monday performance.

1. Open gap up, then close down. (Bearish)
2. Open gap down, then close up. (Bullish)

A'way, KLCI index for next week would be direct affected by EU summit's discussion output.

FBM KLCI Daily Chart

1. Trendline analysis: higher low & higher high formed (Bullish)
2. Candle Stick analysis: hammer formed on last trading day - potential bullish reversal pattern (Bullish)
3. Volume Analysis: Vol are above 20 MA for 5 out of 5 days last week which might served as good fuel to sustaine / bossting the index (Bullish)
4. Bollinger Band : Start to squeze which indicate a considaliton might happen any soon, index might cont to break out / down when BB band start to expand again later. (Neutral)
5. EMA analysis: Last trading day, price close above 10 & 50 EMA, which served as a strong support (Bullish)
6. ADX: Bearish crossover with moderate moementum (Bearish)
7. MACD: forming round top for histogram, pending 4R1G (Bearish)
8. RSI: Above 70% (Bullish)
9. Stochastic: Break down 70% (Bearis)

Conclusion: 5 Bull 1 Neutral 3 Bear, Bull win the rally

Position (Long)
Entry Price: 1474
Profit Taking: 1498
Cut Loss: 1450
RR: 1

Comment: KLCI has been volatile for the past few weeks. From both weekly & daily chart above, obviously bear & bull are still fighting and temporary bull win the fight. But could Bull continue to rally or Bear will climb up later? 
Direction for the coming weeks would be based on the outcome from EU summit on 10/23(sunday) or 10/26(Wednesday). Member are advice to be cautious in the trading until a  clear message from the chart, probaly next week.
Stay Tune and we will continue to bring the latest updates to you soon!!!!

Case Study - Airasia

1. Trendline Analysis: Forming several higher high & higher low within few weeks time - uptrend (Bull)
2. Candle Stick Analysis: shooting star formed during last trading day (Bearish reversal pattern which need confirmation on next candle) - (Semi-bear)
3. Volume Analysis : 3 out of 5 bar of last week exceed 20 moving average, this is good sign for the counter and volume served as a fuel for the price to move higher (Bull)
4. Bollinger Band: Upper & middle band moving up and lower band start to flatening, indicatio for at least short term bullish. (Bullish)
5. EMA Analysis: 10, 20 line trending up with 50 ema start to flatening indication for shorterm bullish (Bullish)
6. ADX Analysis: uptrend with strong momentum (Bullish)
7. MACD : 4G1R (Bearish)
8. RSI : Above 70% (Bullish)
9. Stochatic: Above 70% (Bullish)

Conclusion: 7 Bull 2 Bear

Position (Long)
Entry Price: 3.91
Profit Taking: 4.19
Cut Loss: 3.73
RR : 1.55

Comments: Airasia has been abnormally rise ~ 30% since within 2 weeks. Watch out on the last day candle stick pattern (shoting star) & MACD (4G1R) which migh pull the price back to support. Recommend to wait her retrace and form higher low and re-enter when rebounce from support later.

TDM - Case Study

1. Trendline: Forming higher low, pending higher high for trend reversal confirmation (Semi-bull)
2. Volume analysis: Mark up occured on13/10/2011 with high vol (~0.26M), consolidate with low vol there after (10/14~10/21), possible breakout if break previous high with high volume support (>0.20M) (Semi-bear)
3. Bolingger Band Analysis: Upper band start widening with lower band tempering, indication of price move up (Bull)
4. EMA Analysis: Getting support from 10 EMA, and resistance at 50d EMA (once break, 50EMA, potential to breakout) - Neutral
5. ADX: Uptrend with with strong momentum (Bulll)
6. MACD: Histogram start to form rounding top (Bearish), indication for shorterm bearish at consolidation tunnel, wait for 4R1G (semi-bear)
7. RSI: Rebounce up touchig 70%, will be bullish if break 70%. (Semi-bull)
8. Stochastic: Rebounce from 70% (Bull)

Conclusion: 3 Bull 2 Semibull 1 Neutral 2 Semibear

Position: (Long)
Entry Price: 2.94
Profit Taking: 3.10, 3.19
Cut Loss: 2.83
RR: 1.45, 2.27