After collecting the feedback from readers, we decided to come out with the FAQs page to ease the readers and to served as 'self help' corner. We hope readers would find this page useful.

Q1. Who are the Admins team for this blog?
 A1. The Admin team consists a group of stocks traders advocate.

Q2. What do we offer?
A2. The blog "KLSE HOT PICKs" is setup with intention to provide a platform which offers Trading Advice, Proactive Trading Strategies & Technical Analysis discussion which suit different traders regardless of your trading style either Day Trading, Swing Trading ...

Q3. What can we get from this blog?
A3. If you wish, we will show you how you can not only beat the market, but how you can make money, protect your wealth, and shelter yourself from the risks that surround this economy without sacrificing time or lifestyle.

Q3. What is the cost for the service?
A3. It is absolutely free!

Q4. How to navigate in this blog?
A4. So far, there are total 5 pages for this blog as for now which appear as 5 tabs on the top of site. We will continue to add more pages should we find it is useful for the readers. Stay tune and visit the blogs occasionally to find out more.
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    • Where latest posts would be demonstrated
  • Statistics
    • Where result cards for past months to be demonstrated
  • Forum
    • Where discussion among members and admin, registration is needed and it is absolutely free
  • Contact Us
    •  Where further support to be acquired on which other pages are not served
  • FAQs
    • Where frequently ask questions with answers provided
We hope that with FAQs provided above, you gain what you want like pretty below and can navigate our site without assistance. Feel free to contact us should you have further inquires.