Harlo, I'm Prof. Money. Everybody love me and want to be my friends. I will take up the baton to supervise the performance from the Admin and prepare the monthly report card on every first Saturday of the month. This is to ensure the quality of the posting and continuous improvement.

 All the failure of the posting would require a thorough analysis and the root cause would be published for reader reference purposes. We are not against failure but wish to learn from the mistake so that we could make a better judgment in the future as suggested by old Chinese idiom "FAILURE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS" 

Evaluating criteria for our systems are as below:

1. Only posting which meets our buy call specifications will be included in the profit calculation
2. Each posting carry equivalent weight.
3. Formula for profit calculation as below:

Profit = Sum of (Profit + Loss)% / Number of counters traded 

We are making the assumption where our readers are well disciplined in executing the trading plan during their trade (eg. strictly following on the recommendation of entry, profit taking and cut loss price). Please refer to post below if you have any doubt on creating a profitable "Stock Trading Plan"

Performance Review:

June is a fruitful month, we achieve 100% success rate. Air Asia is the most profitable counter among 3 qualified buy calls which up to 10% margin. Averagely, capital growing is 6.94% for June. Please bear in mind we only start our blog in the middle of JUNE We considered the result is AWESOME!  

Thanks for all the HARD WORKs from all the ADMINs and let's continue the GREAT EFFORT!