Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bursa Daily Trade Statistic - 7/13/2011

7/13/2011 is a good day. Bursa Malaysia up 2 points even though Dow close low at previous day. How could this be? Let's continue the tour below and you will find the truth!

From the chart below, seems big player are coming back. Downside seeing in previous 2 days mostly like is correction. We should have collect more under-value stocks and looking forward for another round of bullish force to break 1600? Let's continue to monitor the trade analysis for another 2 days then we should be above to have a more clearer pictures by then. 

Foreign Investor started to swim back to Bursa.

 FMBKLCI up by 2 point despite Black Face on DOW.
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Air Asia Rebounce from support after forming 3 hammer

1. Trend Analysis : Uptrend (Bulliish)
2. Form hihge low and higher high: (Bullish)
3. Candle Stick Analysis: White candle after 3 hammer on support - strong bullish reversal (Bullish)
4. ADX: Uptrend with good momentum (Bullish)
5. MACD: 4R1G (Bullish)
6. RSI:  Break above 70% (Bullish)
7. Sto: Bullish crossover above 50% (Bullish)
8. Volume Distribution: High buying pressure (Bullish)

Conclusion: 8 Bull 0 Bear

Entry price: 3.52
Profit Taking: 3.63, 3.87, 4.04
Cut Loss: 3.44

Ulicorp - Pending Symmetry Triangle Breakout

1. Trend : Uptrend (Bullish)
2. Forming higher low (Bullish)
3. ADX :  Uptrend with strong momentum (Bullish)
4. MACD: Potential bullish / bearish crossover 3R1G (Bullish)
5. RSI:  Reverse above 50% (Bullish)
6. Stochastic: Break above 50% (Bullish)
7. Symmetry Triangle Pattern: Pending breakout with volume support (Neautral)
8. Volume Distribution Analysis: Higher selling force (Bearish)

Conclusion: 6 Bull 1 Bear 1 Neautral

Entry price: 1.21
Profit Taking: 1.23,1.31 1.44, 1.52, 1.65 (TP)
Cut Loss: 1.06

Remarks : Enter only when breakout with large volume. Cautious to get into bull trap.