Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bursa Daily Trade Statistic - 7/14/2011

Bursa Malaysia down 0.83 points (0.1%) even though almost whole region (Asia) up by close or more than 1%. Let's dive deep from the volume trade perspective to find out more.

From the chart below, it is re-affirmation on our hypothesis that "Big Sharks" are coming back after continuous 2 days net buying. This further strengthen our confidence that downside seeing in previous few days mostly a correction. At the same time, we are seeing the net selling for retailer is increasing. This could be due to the fear or weak holder on the market and execute their cut loss plan after 2 days of downtrend. 

Let's continue to collect more potential share and again we looking forward the bull to pick up it's momentum after a break! Again, it is crucial to continue to monitor the trade analysis in a daily basis so that we could react fast at the first time if there is any sign of fund pull out from KLSE by Sharks, especially due to the un-deterministic global environments at this moment.

Foreign Investor started to swim back to Bursa.

Market down in previous few days is likely a correction.

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TRC in side way trading ... ?

1. Trend Analysis : Sideway Trading (Neutral)
2. Candle Stick: Doji testing resistance 0.685 - pending confirmation (Neutral)
3. ADX: Downtrend with strong momentum (Bearish)
4. MACD: Bearish Crossover (Bearish)
5. RSI: Break below 50% (Bearish)
6. Sto: Rebounce from 20% (Bullish)
7. Volume Distribution Analysis: Selling force is high (Bearish)

Score: 1 Bull 4 Bear 2 Neutral

Remarks: Is is in sideway trading now. 2 strategy could be applied as below:

Sideway trading:
Entry Price: 0.71
Profit Taking: 0.74
Cut Loss: 0.68

Trending Trading: Wait it break previous high or form higher high and higher low before enter
Entry Price: 0.75
Profit Taking: 0.78, 0.81
Cut Loss: 0.72