Saturday, 22 October 2011

TDM - Case Study

1. Trendline: Forming higher low, pending higher high for trend reversal confirmation (Semi-bull)
2. Volume analysis: Mark up occured on13/10/2011 with high vol (~0.26M), consolidate with low vol there after (10/14~10/21), possible breakout if break previous high with high volume support (>0.20M) (Semi-bear)
3. Bolingger Band Analysis: Upper band start widening with lower band tempering, indication of price move up (Bull)
4. EMA Analysis: Getting support from 10 EMA, and resistance at 50d EMA (once break, 50EMA, potential to breakout) - Neutral
5. ADX: Uptrend with with strong momentum (Bulll)
6. MACD: Histogram start to form rounding top (Bearish), indication for shorterm bearish at consolidation tunnel, wait for 4R1G (semi-bear)
7. RSI: Rebounce up touchig 70%, will be bullish if break 70%. (Semi-bull)
8. Stochastic: Rebounce from 70% (Bull)

Conclusion: 3 Bull 2 Semibull 1 Neutral 2 Semibear

Position: (Long)
Entry Price: 2.94
Profit Taking: 3.10, 3.19
Cut Loss: 2.83
RR: 1.45, 2.27


  1. Reach entry price...
    tighten your seat belt... :P

  2. Congratulation for those who follow and have faith with me!!!
    11% profit in 3 weeks time...
    Congrate again to my friend!