Saturday, 22 October 2011

Case Study - Airasia

1. Trendline Analysis: Forming several higher high & higher low within few weeks time - uptrend (Bull)
2. Candle Stick Analysis: shooting star formed during last trading day (Bearish reversal pattern which need confirmation on next candle) - (Semi-bear)
3. Volume Analysis : 3 out of 5 bar of last week exceed 20 moving average, this is good sign for the counter and volume served as a fuel for the price to move higher (Bull)
4. Bollinger Band: Upper & middle band moving up and lower band start to flatening, indicatio for at least short term bullish. (Bullish)
5. EMA Analysis: 10, 20 line trending up with 50 ema start to flatening indication for shorterm bullish (Bullish)
6. ADX Analysis: uptrend with strong momentum (Bullish)
7. MACD : 4G1R (Bearish)
8. RSI : Above 70% (Bullish)
9. Stochatic: Above 70% (Bullish)

Conclusion: 7 Bull 2 Bear

Position (Long)
Entry Price: 3.91
Profit Taking: 4.19
Cut Loss: 3.73
RR : 1.55

Comments: Airasia has been abnormally rise ~ 30% since within 2 weeks. Watch out on the last day candle stick pattern (shoting star) & MACD (4G1R) which migh pull the price back to support. Recommend to wait her retrace and form higher low and re-enter when rebounce from support later.

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