Monday, 1 August 2011

Case Study - YTL

Dear Bro Leung,

Below are the analysis on YTL for your reference.

1. Trendline: Downtrend (Bearish)
2. Support : Below 20, 50, 200 MA (Bearish)
3. Bollinger Band : Both upper & lower band down trend, indication for downtrend (Bearish)
4. ADX: Downtrend with strong momentum (Bearish)
5. MACD: Downtrend (Bearish)
6. RSI : Break 30% (Bullish)
7. Stochastic: Bullish crossover with K line cross above 20% (Bullish)
8. Volume Distribution: Higher buying pressue (Bullish), however, selling force high close to market end.

Conclusion: 3 Bull 5 Bear

Remarks: Generally, the counter is at downtrend, migh temperaly pull back to 20d MA based on candle stick, RSI & STo. In order to release herself from downtrend, she need to break the L1 (Pink) line and form higher low /. higher high. Let's continue to monitor this counter.

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