Tuesday, 12 July 2011

RED ALERT: BURSA MALAYSIA Share Prices Continue Downtrend? Sharks: Let's the PARTY begin!

Black Face on Asia Market
Share prices on Bursa Malaysia continued the downtrend at close today. Sharp at 5pm, FTSE Bursa Malaysia Composite Index (FBM KLCI) fell 10.48 points or 0.66 percent to 1578.10, which close to it support 1575 due to high selling.

Investor are worries over the euro zone debt crisis that Italy or Portugal might be the next country that need a rescue package after Greek. If the chain is broken, it would impact the whole global economic system which involve a Multi Billion loses. Rumors on the emergency package meeting for Italy this weekend further pushed long term investors (Big Shark) away from the local market.

Sharks' game started?

Let's try to trace the activities of the Shark in Bursa.

Since mid of June, Big Sharks (Foreign Investor) continue to collect most of Bursa Blue Chip stock. This could be observed from daily net trade activities from Bursa Trade Analysis. You could observed most of the time where the Net Buy of the Shark is positive. The sharks have accumulate up to RM3000 million in month of June alone.

FBM KLCI continue to soar higher and break historical high last week with the continuous stocks collection activities by the big sharks. Again, please refer to the Bursa Trade Analysis for the details.

Until yesterday (11/7/2011), the Net buy of the Sharks turned from positive to negative and KLSE index has turned black with 0.4% drop in one day. The downtrend is continue on 12/7/2011. Please refer to below for 11/7/2011 Bursa Trade breakdown for Net Buying / Selling and Participation.

Net Buy for Foreign investor on 7/11/2011 is NEGATIVE. Do remember to visit Bursa Trade Analysis for daily updates on the trading breakdown information. This is a a very good indicators if the SHARK is leaving so that we could cash out at very early stage.

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