Saturday, 9 July 2011

Case Study - Notion


Per your request on chart analysis above.

1. Trend Analysis: Sideway consolidation (Neautral)
2. Symmetry triangle : Pending breakout / breakdown (Neautral)
3. ADX: Sideway trending (Neautral)
4. MACD: Gradually forming bottom round (Bullish)
5. RSI: Break 50% (Bullish)
6. Sto: Bullish crossover break above 50% (Bullish)
7. Moving Average: Below 12, 20, 50 Moving average (Bearish)
8. Volume Distribution:  Net Buying from big shark (Bullish)

Conclusion: 1 Bear 4 Bull 3 Neutral

Entry Price: 2.18
Profit Taking: 2.2, 2,27, 2.33 (TP for symmetry triangle breakout)
Cut Loss: 2.08

RR: 0.4, 0.9, 1.5

Remarks: Overally the setup is yet to formed. The price need to at least break the resistance of 50d MA before it could turned bull. Let's continue monitor and apply trading plan per above as soon as it meets our buy call specs.

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