Thursday, 7 July 2011

Case Study - Coastal

1. Trendline: Consolidation - Sideway (Neautral)
2. Support well above 20 & 50 MA. (Bullish)
3. ADX: Bullish with weak momentum (Bearish)
4. MACD: Bullish crossover and touching 0 (Bullish)
5. RSI: Kissing 50% (Bearish)
6. Sto: Bearish crossover? and signal line turned down (Bearish)

Conclusion: COASTAL are in weak (downtrend) after breakdown from symmetry triangle. After breaking L2, it is moving in side way (consolidation). It need to break above L1 (previous suppport line for symmetry triangle) with volume before it can turn storng to uptrend.

Entry price: 3.71
Profit Taking: 3.77, 4.19, 4.43
Cut Loss: 3.50

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